Festival of the Arts


Founded in 1963, the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts is an annual arts education program of Lakewood Center for the Arts and is traditionally held at Lakewood Center and George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego, Oregon. It is held the weekend after Father’s Day each year and attracts nearly 25,000 people. We’re looking forward to celebrating 60 years of art, music, and food in 2023!

The Lakewood Center for the Arts

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The Lakewood Center for the Arts is a focal point of community pride and social activity. It features dance, music and exercise classes, art galleries, dramatic productions, student mentoring, community meeting rooms and the annual Festival of the Arts. It is a non-profit organization funded by private contributions.

Lakewood Theatre Company

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Since 1952, the Lakewood Theatre Company has offered first-run, year-round popular and classic plays in two staging areas of the Lakewood Center for the Arts. The quality of the productions is reflected by the high number of sold-out performances. Season tickets are encouraged.

Arts Council of Lake Oswego

The Arts Council of Lake Oswego (ACLO) works to ensure the arts are an integral part of life in our community now and into the future with the purpose of placement and preservation of public art in Lake Oswego, providing access to art exhibitions for residents and visitors, and advance the lifelong learning about the arts through educational programs and docent tours.

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The Arts Council makes possible the public art you see all around Lake Oswego, Gallery Without Walls, Lake Oswego’s Acclaimed Public Art Program, is an outdoor sculpture exhibit of over seventy permanent and loaned works of art. It’s open all year and is free for everyone to enjoy. Our downtown rotating exhibition features thirty sculptures on-loan from artists for a period of two years, all of which are available for purchase. All other artwork in the Gallery Without Walls belongs to the City of Lake Oswego’s permanent art collection.

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Visit the ACLO to pick up a walking tour brochure, or visit their website to download a copy.

Find more artwork from the City’s collection in public buildings around town, including City Hall, the Library, the Adult Community Center, and the Maintenance Center.

Local Art Galleries and More

Lake Oswego is home to several art galleries and educational opportunities to support and engage with the arts. Visit the Arts, Culture and Entertainment section of the Chamber Member directory for more details.