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Tri-Met Looks at Lake Oswego Service Reductions

Regional public transportation agency Tri-Met is holding a series of “open houses” to gather citizen input on service levels and possible fare increases. The agency is considering eliminating 3 lines it currently operates serving Lake Oswego. This represents almost half the service line reductions in the current proposal.

Current Lake Oswego lines facing the ax include the South Shore, Lake Grove and Boones Ferry Road lines. This represents a pretty dramatic reduction of public transit availability in our area which could negatively impact businesses who rely on customer and employee mobility,…

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You’re Invited! – Help Build Our Economy

Oregon’s economy is more interconnected today than ever before. When we can work together as a City, as a County, as a Region or even Statewide, we can accomplish more – create more jobs, start more businesses, grow employment and revenue. Our efforts can provide a “positive feedback loop” where Lake Oswego businesses benefit from general growth in our part of Oregon by creating more customers and vendors.

One unique way Lake Oswego Chamber Members can work to create a growing regional economy is through the Mt.…

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