Businesses Can Receive Tax Credits for Purchasing Electric Vehicles, Installing Charging Stations

Chamber partner and friend the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network recently posted updated information on how businesses who are interested in purchasing new fully electric or hybrid vehicles or installing charging infrastructure can qualify for significant tax credits. Progress is being made, or being planned, for charging infrastructure in Lake Oswego and throughout Oregon. If you’d like to consider adding such a facility to your business property, there are also tax credits available! Here are some details:

Why buy an electric vehicle (EV) for your business?…

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Annual “Diversity Employment Day” Career Fair!

If you’ve been wondering how you can diversify your workforce, or if you are a person of color or a member of an underserved, under-recognized community looking for a challenging position, Friday, May 26 is your day! Consider joining in the “Virtual Career Fair” to be held from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. There is no cost for this event!

This Career Fair will feature top employers who are actively recruiting. Current and past participants include Albertsons,…

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Changes to Small Business Administration Loan Programs Incoming

In last week’s Portland Business Journal, The Playbook’s Senior Reporter Andy Medici detailed some updates for Small Business Administration loan programs which are coming on line. For example, under the Agency’s 7(a) and 504 programs, the SBA will now begin determining whether a business is eligible rather than burdening banks with that responsibility. This change will take place on August 1, 2023.

The SBA is also launching some new fraud prevention measures using data analytics, third-party data checks and A.I.…

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The Art of Automation: Harnessing the Power of A.I.

Submitted by Erik Olson CEO of Fort West – Unlock Truth. Unleash Potential.

From OpenAI’s ChatGPT to Google’s Bard, the cultural conversation surrounding the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) is exploding. It seems like everyone has a point-of-view on how AI is the manifestation of Skynet from The Terminator movie, something out of an episode of Black Mirror, or the catalyst for plugging into The Matrix. With reactions ranging from curiosity to fear, everyone is wondering how the “AI revolution” will impact their lives.As AI continues to evolve and get better,…

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Questions Small Businesses Should Be Asking Their Banker

In a recent article for The Playbook published in the Portland Business Journal, reporter Andy Medici provides some advice for small businesses who might be concerned about the current state of banking. Although institutions such as Silicon Valley Bank being taken over recently has been in the news and certainly a cause for some concern, business owners can take advantage of this moment to strengthen both their understanding and closeness of their banking relationship.

The Federal government provides a level of security by insuring deposits up to a certain amount.…

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Protecting Your Business from Employment Practices Lawsuits

Most businesses carry many different kinds of insurance – fire, flood, general liability, perhaps vehicle if they have trucks or cars in the field. However, as Chamber Member Oak Tree Insurance reminds us, your business may still be vulnerable to “Employment Practices” lawsuits. This area is often a “gap” in your business insurance coverage.

No business should be discriminating against employees, customers, clients, vendors or suppliers but the day may come when a member of one of these important groups files a claim or lawsuit against your business.…

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Where Do Lake Oswego Residents Work?

Our economy has undergone many changes as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Business owners and managers need to understand these changes as they react to new challenges in attracting and retaining employees. To help us track and understand these changes Oregon’s Employment Department has begun releasing figures defining the employment picture just prior to Covid, giving us a baseline to better evaluate how the workplace has changed and consider if policy changes might be entertained.…

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Businesses Likely to Face Increased Unemployment Insurance Taxes

Andy Medici of The Playbook reported in the Portland Business Journal this week that the Covid pandemic has led to a significant depletion of available funds for unemployment. As a result, unemployment tax rates among the States have already been increased from 1.72% in 2020 to 2.3% in 2022. For some historical perspective, UI rates rose to about 3.5% in 2013, following the “Great Recession.”

Oregon’s unemployment system came under tremendous pressure during the sudden onset of claims due to Covid-19.…

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Make Your Plans! Summer Will Feature 4 Non-Stops from PDX to Europe

Delta will offer nonstop PDX-Amsterdam service this summer

As Lake Oswegans join the national “return to traveling” movement following the Covid-19 pandemic, the Port of Portland announced it has negotiated an expansion of the availability of non-stop flights from Portland International Airport to Europe. Details are still being finalized, but four destinations for European travel will now be available. Delta Air Lines will offer daily non-stops to Amsterdam and British Airways daily non-stops to London Heathrow.…

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Trillium Festival This Weekend!

In my high school biology class, one of our first assignments was to gather examples of local wild plants, or “weeds” as my father called them. That was quite a bit easier to do in those days – we had a large open field just down the block from my house and “vacant lots” seemed more prevalent in suburbia at the time. The one thing that stuck with me all these years was the teacher’s prohibition against including an example of a trillium.…

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