Is Your Business Thinking about Going Global?

The Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce is presenting a one-hour Webinar entitled “Trade Resources for Businesses Thinking about Going Global.” It goes without saying that if you have the appropriate product or service, “the world” is about as big a market as you can get. If you’ve been considering how you can market your business more broadly, this Webinar will identify trade resources available to small business wanting to sell to customers outside the United States.…

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Networking Groups for Women Business Owners

Courtesy of SCORE

It’s a business axiom that people do business with people they know, like and trust.

So when I started my own business (almost 15 years ago), I was inspired by and took advice from my many friends and connections already in the trenches of entrepreneurship. And I found many of those friends and forged connections by networking at numerous events. So whether I was speaking at conferences, covering events as a journalist, or attending to soak up as much knowledge as possible,…

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2023 Economic Forecast at Kruse Way Economic Forum

Dr. Thomas Potiowsky will be the guest speaker at the Spring Kruse Way Economic Forum. Dr. Potiowsky is a Senior Advisor and former Director of the Northwest Economic Research Center at Portland State University. Dr. Potiowsky will discuss the current economic forecast for 2023, whether the economy can experience a soft landing…or a hard one, and what plans businesses ought to be making now. Recent events in the banking industry having given the Federal Reserve and the FDIC something to think about,…

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State Business Registration Renewal Available Online

Oregon’s Corporation Division wants you to know that it provides online services to help you quickly and simply keep your State business registration up to date. Some businesses have been contacted by outside entities offering this service for a fee. Aside from the required State renewal fee, there is no extra charge to use the State’s online registration tool. Here is a page detailing some common “scams” that target small business and how you can protect yourself.Businesses can renew online,…

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Five Daily Habits to Increase Productivity & Reduce Stress

Courtesy of the US Chamber of CommerceMost people understand the importance of good habits — the right habits increase productivity and minimize decision fatigue. This is critical for entrepreneurs who have to make quick decisions and juggle multiple tasks at once. Here are five habits you should adopt in 2023.NetworkingThe Lake Oswego Chamber provides weekly networking opportunities because building and maintaining professional relationships is crucial. It’s a good idea to develop the habit of networking on a regular basis.…

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Small Business Evaluation Course Available

Has the recovery of your business from the chaos of the Covid-19 Pandemic been slow? Do you feel as though you could use an “outside eye” to help you get things back on track? The Oregon Business Recovery Center (OBRC) is offering important classwork and in-person business counseling to help you do just that! Create Resiliency and Profitability in 2023! is available to Lake Oswego small business owners. This course provides you with a unique 3-month class series that combines classroom learning,…

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Tri-Met Looks at Lake Oswego Service Reductions

Regional public transportation agency Tri-Met is holding a series of “open houses” to gather citizen input on service levels and possible fare increases. The agency is considering eliminating 3 lines it currently operates serving Lake Oswego. This represents almost half the service line reductions in the current proposal.

Current Lake Oswego lines facing the ax include the South Shore, Lake Grove and Boones Ferry Road lines. This represents a pretty dramatic reduction of public transit availability in our area which could negatively impact businesses who rely on customer and employee mobility,…

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You’re Invited! – Help Build Our Economy

Oregon’s economy is more interconnected today than ever before. When we can work together as a City, as a County, as a Region or even Statewide, we can accomplish more – create more jobs, start more businesses, grow employment and revenue. Our efforts can provide a “positive feedback loop” where Lake Oswego businesses benefit from general growth in our part of Oregon by creating more customers and vendors.

One unique way Lake Oswego Chamber Members can work to create a growing regional economy is through the Mt.…

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July Infectious Disease Stakeholder Meetings

Oregon OSHA is in the process of developing temporary rule to address COVID-19 and other airborne infectious diseases (i.e. TB, influenza, H1N1, etc.)  in the workplace. The plan is to make a permanent rule next Spring. Oregon OSHA is responding to the request from the AFL-CIO that the state adopt an enforceable workplace health rule on an emergency basis this summer, to be replaced by a permanent rule in 2021. Oregon OSHA is pursuing a rule that would apply to both health care and to the general workplace. Note that OR-OSHA already has broad authority to enforce workplace standards under its “General Duty” authority,…

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