Lake Oswego is home to 2,210 licensed businesses. From baked goods stores to educational tutoring services, this city has it all. The City of Lake Oswego’s business page contains information on how to get a business license, a list of all Lake Oswego business licenses, and resources for employees.

Click here for a comprehensive, interactive map of Lake Oswego’s licensed businesses. The map allows you to search for businesses, sort by business type, find more.

Click here for the Lake Oswego Business Emergency Action Plan

Business Districts Overview

Lake Oswego’s businesses are clustered in a number of districts throughout the city, each with a distinctive character and mix of commercial uses. They include neighborhood retail areas, industrial zones, large shopping and office districts in downtown and Lake Grove, and a concentration of Class-A office in the Kruse Way/Meadows Road area.

businessdistricts 1

Here is a map of the City’s business districts: