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Early estimates are that attendance was up for this year’s Tree lighting festival at Safeway and Millennium Park. Events like this don’t happen without sponsors – so hats off to Lake View Village, Safeway, Starbucks, the Lake Oswego Review, Skin by Lovely, Dyke Vandenburgh Jewelers, One River School of Art and Design, the Lake Oswego Rotary Club, Malcolm and Linda Mathes, Ricky and Bill Korach, Peggy and Keith Dickerson, Paul and Terri Graham. Jamie Inglis, Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation, Lake Oswego Police, Lake Oswego Fire, and a strong team of community volunteers rounded out the hosting opportunities to keep everyone comfortable and safe throughout the evening. The tree was lighted by City Councilor Jackie Manz who was joined by Council members John LaMotte, Jeff Gudman and Councilor-elect Daniel Nguyen. Businesses along “A” street and on the side streets turning in to Millennium Park got a lot of foot traffic because everyone took a different street, walking by different areas of the business district. The line for Santa was partially covered but no one really got rained on until close to the end of the event. We heard someone say that the line for Santa just might have been longer than the line for October’s wine walk! Finally, for those who don’t already know it, Lake Oswego is a great place for music – the Millennium Concert band never fails to please; and the great sound system Friday night let Lake Oswego High School’s Windjammer’s melodies float through the air. Lakeridge High School’s Company not only enthusiastically sang the songs of the holidays but added a little choreography to the night air. If you missed this year’s event, we will be back for the 55th tree lighting on the Friday after Thanksgiving in 2019 – November 29.