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Knowledge Informs, Relationships Transform

The Leadership Lake Oswego Class of 2025 beings Thursday, September 19, 2024 and meets monthly on the third Thursday of each month until their June 2025 graduation. Join us for a free Meet & Greet on Thursday, August 15, 2024, 5:30 – 7 pm at CENTRL (525 3rd Street, second floor) to learn more!

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Leadership Lake Oswego Class of 2024

Our Leadership Lake Oswego (LLO) program operates with the express purpose of delivering on 3 key components:

- Personal Leadership Principles and Practice

We cannot effectively lead others without first reliably leading ourselves. The more complete and holistically aware you are as an individual, the better prepared you are to lead others on every front. Our program will clarify key principles and give you the opportunity to practice the skills which will allow you to lead yourself and others better off.

Two – Local Leaders and their Best Practices

We will introduce you to many of our local leaders. Our Morning Speaker Series will provide an opportunity to understand who they are and how they are actively creating the conditions for the success of others.

Three – Cohort Fellowship
There is great renewal and growth for adults that comes from learning together with others in a collective pursuit of expanding one’s personal abilities and leadership capabilities. New friendships and relationships developed within a learning community fellowship offer meaningful personal support, connection, and camaraderie.


Most students describe the meaningful relationships made in the class as one of the most valuable benefits of LLO. You’re going to be spending time with other local leaders from all walks of life that you may not have been exposed to in any other way. While knowledge informs, it is the relationships we make that transform our ability to engage within our city in new and more meaningful ways.

Not only will you participate as a student in your first year of class, you will be given the opportunity to come back again and contribute to creating the conditions for the success of a whole new cohort. In the process, you will have the opportunity to build meaningful connections with yet another group.

About the Instructor

Christopher Boyer is a past graduate of Leadership Lake Oswego and has been responsible for coordinating the program and presenting with Dr. Bill Korach since 2019.

Christopher and his wife Kristine are long-time local business owners with the Academy of Modern Martial Arts. They have led individuals and families to develop greater resilience and personal presence through the practice of martial arts for over 30 years.

An advocate of giving back to the community, Christopher has been involved with the Lake Grove Business Association, the Arts Council of Lake Oswego and the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce. His work with the Chamber Board includes past service as President, and he remains actively involved in Chamber events, often shining a light on others in his role as emcee.

christopher boyer

“Each and every one of us has the capacity to live a life that is reflective of the things that matter most to us. It simply requires the mindful alignment of our attention and intention.”

Christopher Boyer

The Leadership Team

Those students that come back for a second year become a part of our Leadership Team. These are the participants who found the process valuable enough that they wanted to come back and help you this year.

Student Testimonials

“I participated in Leadership Lake Oswego last year [2021], and this year [2022] participated again as a member of its leadership team. The experience has been inspiring, engaging and motivational. My classmates have been open, encouraging and very helpful as we continue our journey to be more insightful leaders and better people. I strongly encourage you to participate in the Chamber’s leadership program.”

Mark Birge, CPA, Partner Emeritus, Aldrich Advisors

“Leadership Lake Oswego takes you on a deep dive of what it means to lead and to build meaningful, impactful relationships. The lessons taught by Dr. Korach are as applicable at the dinner table as they are in the classroom or the board room. To hear firsthand from local leaders about their own leadership journeys and make lasting bonds with fellow classmates is the icing on the cake.”

Kimvi To, Attorney

“The leadership program has not only allowed me to meet wonderful and committed people who inspire and motivate me, but who are also making a difference in our community. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge, growing as a leader and meeting similarly committed people, I encourage you to consider participating in Leadership Lake Oswego.”

Paul van Roon

“I joined Leadership Lake Oswego to get to know my colleagues in the city and push myself to fine tune my leadership skills during COVID. This is a time of adaptive leadership when traditional practices are not necessarily what is needed. Being with a group of professionals who are prioritizing leadership is a priceless opportunity to learn about innovative approaches. Plus, Dr. Bill Korach’s leadership expertise is legendary, and I wanted to soak up some of his wisdom.”

Sue Hildick, Director of Public and Government Affairs, Clackamas County

Join Us for a Meet and Greet August 15th

Past Leadership Lake Oswego guest speakers and graduates, 2024-2025 guest speakers and registrants, plus anyone interested in more information are invited to join us for a Meet and Greet on Thursday, August 15, 2024, 5:30 – 7 pm at CENTRL (525 3rd Street, second floor). Click here to register to attend the Meet and Greet.

2024-2025 Pivotal Leadership Concepts & Course Content

Subject to change.

Meetings are on the third Thursday of each month.

The Foundation of Good Leadership – Setting the Stage for Success

Session 1, Thursday, September 19 (at City Hall)
Leading Intentionally – Moving into Mindful Influence
Introductions / Christopher Boyer

Session 2, Thursday, October 17 (location TBD)
Driving Meaningful Results – The Formula for Progress
Guest speaker Lake Oswego Fire Chief Don Johnson

Session 3, Thursday, November 21 (at Nicoletta’s Table)
Identifying Healthy Goals – Operating from Advantageous Orientations
Guest speaker Shari Newman, Owner, Nicoletta’s Table

Navigating Difficult Situations – Getting Underway

Session 4, Thursday, December 19 (at City Hall)
Generating Traction – Small Steps to Big Successes
Guest speaker Martha Bennett, Lake Oswego City Manager

Session 5, Thursday, January 16 (location TBD)
Having Tough Talks – Dealing with Difficult Communication
Guest speaker Lake Oswego School District Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Schiele

Session 6, Thursday, February 20 (at Lakewood Center)
Refocusing – Making the Most of Mistakes
Guest speaker Andrew Edwards, Executive Director, Lakewood Center

Maintaining the Growth Mindset – Ongoing Refinement

Session 7, Thursday, March 20 (location TBD)
Delivery – Follow Through on Intention
Guest speaker Lake Oswego Police Chief George Burke

Session 8, Thursday, April 17 (location TBD)
Appreciation – Creating a Rise in Value
Guest speakers John Lausseng, CEO, Aldrich, and Mark Birge, Partner Emeritus, Aldrich

Session 9, Thursday, May 15 (location TBD)
Cooperation – Making the Most of What Is
Guest speaker TBD.

Graduation, Thursday, June 19 (location TBD)

Register Today

Participation in the Leadership Lake Oswego program is limited Chamber members. To check the status of your membership, or to discuss your options to join, please contact us at 503-636-3634 or email info@lake-oswego.com. If you join the Chamber as part of a Leadership Lake Oswego registration, we will waive the $50 new member setup fee.

The cost of attending the 2024-2025 Leadership Lake Oswego program is $849. Click here to register or call us at 503-636-3634.