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How will you benefit from the 2021-2022 personal growth leadership curriculum?

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The Chamber’s Leadership Program offers an opportunity for personal growth as a path to making a difference in your life as a leader. Three plusses of the leadership development personal growth curriculum are as follows:

  1. Cohort fellowship. There is great renewal and growth benefit for adults that comes from learning together with others in a collective pursuit of expanding one’s personal abilities and leadership capabilities. New friendships and relationships developed within a learning community fellowship offer meaningful personal support, connection, and camaraderie.
  2. Experienced mentorship. Dr. Korach, whose leadership expertise is well known, will guide the leadership growth teaching curriculum. His goal as a mentor and facilitator will be to create the conditions that make it possible for all participants to expand their learning and make their own way toward meaningful personal and leadership growth. 
  3. Self-determination. All participants in the program will be encouraged to select what they find to be most engaging and valuable from among the many leadership growth opportunities to practice between sessions. Rotating practice partnerships will also allow participants to share ideas and learning perspectives directly with other class members.

Leadership Training Led by Dr. Bill Korach

The Program’s Leadership Curriculum

“A powerful leadership truth is that the more of a person one can become—the more present, aware, open, curious, insightful, emphatic, and adaptable one is—the better leader one will be capable of being. But most of all, leadership is about relationships, and a leader’s success depends on the strength, influence and quality of one’s relationships with others as well as the insightfulness of one’s relationship with oneself.”
~ Bill Korach

Dr. Bill Korach, retired Lake Oswego Superintendent of Schools who has taught over 50 graduate-level leadership courses between Portland State and Lewis and Clark, will again be teaching the program’s leadership curriculum in each meeting session. His focus will be on expanding personal growth abilities directly related to leadership capabilities that matter most.


This year, we’re virtual until the opportunity opens to visit Lake Oswego locations. Individual opportunities or small groups may be welcome in locations throughout the city. The formerly full-day program has been condensed to mornings, but class field trips or small group gatherings may occur during the months when outside appointments can be made.


$500 for this session from September 16, 2021, through June 16, 2022. The Class will end with a graduation project or celebration on Thursday, June 16, 2022.
If you would like to set up a monthly payment plan of $50 per month, please call the Chamber office.

“The experience has been engaging, inspiring, and motivational. My classmates have been open, encouraging, and very helpful as we continue our journey to become even better, more insightful leaders and better people. I strongly encourage you to participate in the Leadership program.”

Mark Birge, CPA, Partner Emeritus, Aldrich Advisors

“Leadership Lake Oswego was a wonderful learning and networking opportunity during this year of pandemic, fire, and ice. The highlights each month were the diverse range of curated community speakers and the directed dialogue with the impressive leaders participating in the program.”

Neelam Gupta, School Board Member, Lake Oswego School District

“Dr. Korach has put together an outstanding leadership program for the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce. I have participated in many leadership programs over the years, but Bill’s stands out among all the rest. I highly recommend this program for anyone that leads people or wants to lead people.”

Tom D’Amore, D’Amore Law Group, P.C.

“Leadership Lake Oswego was an absolute highlight of my year!! Dr. Korach’s thoughtfully-constructed program and the line-up of local, civic, and community speakers not only helped me to better understand our city but also how I could have a positive impact in it.”

Julie Davidson, Executive Director, The Oregon Medical Education Foundation


$499 for the year or $50/month

Pay/register online:

Or call/email:

Liz Hartman, liz@lake-oswego.com

Registration due September 2, 2021

Leadership Lake Oswego – Class of 2022 Third Thursdays

August 19:
Meet and Greet

September 16:
Christopher Boyer – Chamber President

October 21:
Martha Bennett – City Manager

November 18:

December 9:
Brian Monihan – Publisher, Pamplin Media

January 20:
Dr. Jennifer Schiele – Superintendent, LOSD

February 17:
Kerry Tymchuk, Executive Director, Oregon

March 17:
Andrew Edwards, Executive Director, Historical Society

April 21:
Andrew Edwards, Executive Director Lakewood Center for the Performing Arts

May 19:
Teresa Sanchez, Equity, Inclusion and Access Administrator

Dale Jorgensen, Chief of Police

ChristopherBoyer 1

Christopher Boyer

MarthaBennett2 003

Martha Bennet

Brian Monihan 819x1024

Brian Monihan

Jenn Schiele

Dr. Jennifer Schiele


Kerry Tymchuk

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Anthony Edwards

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Teresa Sanchez

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Dale Jorgensen