Why hold a ribbon cutting?

Ribbon cuttings are a great way to let people know about your new business, new facility, recent remodeling, or a milestone achievement. Ribbon cuttings are provided free to members of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce. It can provide excellent exposure for your business and serve to generate excitement and foster community connections.

When a ribbon cutting is appropriate:

Up to 12 months after a business opens its doors. Exceptions to this are made when an established business undergoes a substantial remodeling that they would like to highlight, or an existing business reopens after an unexpected period of closure (after fire, flood or other unforeseen events). For these situations it is our policy to limit ribbon cutting to the first six months after the doors of a business reopen.

What the Chamber Provides:

The Chamber provides the oversized ribbon and scissors as well as the speaker and microphone. We will take photos and record the event to post a video on the Chamber YouTube channel as well as link in the newsletter to spread the word. You have access to the page to post on your website. Photos will be used in the Chamber’s email newsletter and posted on Facebook/Instagram.

There are two types of ribbon cuttings:

The photo opportunity – a quick photo, no frills, we’re in and out in a few minutes.

The ribbon cutting & open house – this can be as elaborate as you’d like to make it. At a bare

minimum, folks will expect some sort of refreshments to be served.

Who will come to my ribbon cutting?

We publicize all ribbon cuttings in our weekly events email and announce them at other events. Chamber staff will be there to help orchestrate the cutting and the photo. We also let our supportive crew of ambassadors know about our ribbon cuttings and you can expect that some of them will attend. The Board president or Chamber CEO will be there to say a few words of welcome followed by your presentation about your business prior to cutting the ribbon.

Special Touches:

It’s fun to get creative when doing a ribbon cutting. Special touches can include personalized decorations that reflect the theme or purpose of the event, such as balloons or a banner. In the past we have seen businesses provide a unique element such as live music, entertainment, a photo booth, and even other neighbor businesses/associations advertising their own products to make for a little marketplace within the ribbon cutting. This can really elevate the celebratory atmosphere and help engage the audience and bring people in.

What Makes a Successful Ribbon Cutting:

Ribbon Cuttings are meant to be upbeat. You are welcome to invite anyone you’d like, the more the merrier. Successful ribbon cutting events are often the result of a big show of friends, family, neighbor businesses/associations, colleagues and folks from the Chamber coming together in celebration. Try to come to a Friday Morning Networking event prior to your ribbon cutting to personally invite members to attend. We can’t guarantee that particular Chamber members or dignitaries will attend but we will work with you to notify City Council, your neighborhood association and the Lake Oswego Review.

Scheduling a ribbon cutting:

Chamber staff are available to schedule your event. Please be sure to talk to us before you select a date or announce your event to the public. Give us a call @ (503) 636-3634 or email liz@lake-oswego.com