Lake Oswego Facts and Figures

Population (2022):41,148
Population growth rate (2020):3.3% (1,296 new residents)
Registered voters (2019):29,198
Occupied households (Avg 2017-2020):16,458
Area in square miles:10.78
Oswego Lake:405 acres
Median Resident Age (2015):45.3
Business Licenses Issued/Renewed (7/2023):2,065


Labor force21,174
Number employed22,706
Work/Live in Lake Oswego 2,140
Live in Lake Oswego, Work Outside14,674
Work in Lake Oswego, Live Outside20,566
Unemployment rate8.7%
All Employment figures from 2020

Educational Attainment

Master’s degree or higher:29%
Bachelor’s degree:41%
High school diploma or equivalent:8%
Less than high school diploma:1%
Lakeridge High School 2019 graduation rate:96%
Lake Oswego High School 2019 graduation rate:94%

Public Safety

Sworn police officers:47
Fire personnel (serve City
& surrounding areas)
911 calls answered:23,033
Fire responses:123
Emergency medical calls:2,488
Other service calls:1,389
Number of fire personnel:52

Area Drive Times

Portland City Center:15 minutes
Ocean Beaches:1.5 hours
Mt. Hood Skiing:1.25 hours
River Sailing:15 minutes
Portland Airport:30 minutes
Salem (State Capitol):45 minutes

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